Often, growing breasts can be a sign that you have happy news on the way. During pregnancy, your body and breasts will go through many changes, and it can be difficult to know which bras to choose for support and comfort.

When you need a maternity bra, I can help. Then, once you’ve given birth, you may find that your breasts change shape or size, in tandem with your body changing. Many of us need help finding a new style direction once we’ve had a baby, and getting your underwear back on track is a good place to start. I can help you find the best style for bras and knickers which will keep you comfortable in the early months of motherhood. Later on, I can offer advice on helping you choose lingerie, loungewear and sportswear to suit your new shape and help you feel like you again.

After a 15-minute phone consultation to assess your needs, I will research items which I think will be appropriate before meeting you with a range of bras either at your home or in a private room at a department store. You are not under any obligation to buy anything at all from your session, but I hope and expect we’ll find comfortable and supportive lingerie in styles which appeal to you.

For more information on my maternity lingerie fitting services, please contact me.

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