Look and feel fantastic with lingerie that fits, no matter what your day looks like.

I want to help you unleash the unexpected power of lingerie to improve your body confidence and your relationship with your wardrobe by improving the fitting experience.

Welcome. I’m so glad you found me. I'm an industry-recognised lingerie stylist and brand consultant. I have worked with lingerie for over 30 years delivering on-point brand and product consultancy, shoot styling, bra-fit training and workshops for major clients from adidas to Triumph and Calvin Klein and sloggi. Fit Form Fashion is my personal styling service offering a range of lingerie and sportswear styling for everyday and special occasions.

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Monica for the last 2+ years. Our company partnered with her in a collaboration on both product development of sports bras and the launch of an expert bra-fitting and styling program for our own retail store associates. The program, developed in partnership and launched with Monica has been the most successful program we’ve launched. I have never met an individual with more passion and excitement to share their expertise in a more profound way. She is not only an expert in her field, she is a uniquely beautiful human being with all the qualities you would want in a coach.”

Sonia Collier adidas I GLOBAL BOS I WOMENS CtC

“There is nothing Monica doesn't know about fit. She made me feel at ease on the shoots I did for Triumph. Monica knew exactly how to style the different lingerie to achieve each look.”

Daisy Lowe  Model and actress

“Monica delivers a well evaluated session within our service run in partnership with the NHS forwomen wanting to move on after treatment for breast cancer. She’s professional, approachable and personable, motivating women to take back control of their body confidence.”

Breast Cancer Care Charity

“I have worked with Monica for many years on a wide variety of different projects ranging from photoshoots to influencer meet and greets, celebrity fittings, retail activation's, press events,private parties - the list goes on! Monica is a consummate professional, her warmth and engaging personality means that she canmake anyone feel at ease, and her eye for detail when it comes to styling is second to none. She is a truly dynamic individual who always brings her best self and is a joy to work with!”

Anna Stark  Head of Marketing sloggi Northern Europe

“Monica is the definition of a “professional”; she really knows her stuff and her advice is always spot on. She came to our office to talk to a group of business women about what lingerie to wear and we found ourselves running over time because everything she explained, from bras to pants to all kinds of underwear, was so informative that it sparked question after question. Monica’s style in delivering what could have been a talk fraught with uncomfortable embarrassment was so down to earth and gentle that it made the event entirely awkwardness-free and immensely enjoyable.”

Philippa Sturt Managing Partner Joelson Law Firm

“Monica is not only a wonderful person to have around on set, but she is crucial in making the product look as good as it can and always builds a good rapport with models to make them feel at ease. She is hugely organised and always goes above and beyond with a smile on her face. Couldn't recommend her services more.”

Sarah Johnston Senior Account Director ODD

“Monica is a very rare combination: she understands the consumer and her needs through her work as personal lingerie stylist and her extensive experience with women recovering from breast cancer. She also has an intrinsic understanding of the lingerie industry and the market both in the UK and internationally. She is equally at home with luxury lingerie as with functional, high volume products and understands the different requirements. Monica is extremely thorough and doesn’t shy away from asking difficult questions. She is exceptionally discreet and very warm and funny and a joy towork with. In fact I’m hesitant to recommend her as I’d rather keep this find for us!”

Stephanie Dölker Naturana Dölker GmbH & Co. KG

“I met with Monica for a bra fitting post breast cancer. After having a double mastectomy with reconstruction I was left with uneven breasts, with a much smaller right side. Monica helped me pick out the perfect selection of bras and bikinis alongside a partial insert to fill out my right side to match my left. Afterwards, you couldn’t tell my breasts were uneven at all! Monica is a complete lifesaver and she has helped me get my body confidence back after a really difficult time. She is compassionate, kind and very knowledgable in this area. I would highly recommend her services to anyone post breast cancer who needs to boost their confidence back up again and to get advice on finding the right bras post surgery.”

Sarah Post Breast Cancer Client

“After surgery for breast cancer nearly 9 years ago, I was left with very uneven breasts. I was refused a breast reduction because of my BMI and so had resigned myself to being disfigured which left me in a dark place.After a chance conversation, I was introduced to Monica. She immediately understood my dilemma and told me that she could help me change the way my bust looked by using prosthetics.I met Monica for a fitting and came away with a new bustline and renewed self esteem/confidence!Monica put me at my ease and I became fascinated with the whole process. I tried on several makes of bras until she was satisfied that I had the best fitting one for my prosthetics.I came away wearing my new prosthetic and bra, feeling like "a million dollars". She made sure that I could fit everything together myself before I left for home.Monica called me a week later to check that I was happy and confident wearing my prosthetics with the new bras. I have my life back and Monica made that possible with her skill, experience - and eye for detail.Thank you Monica”

Jaqui Post Breast Cancer Client

“My 15 year old daughter was struggling to find a comfortable bra, as her breasts were larger than average and high street stores just didn’t seem to provide a suitable sized bra for teenagers. Thankfully Monica came to the rescue! My daughter spent an hour with her, talking about her body, trying on various bras, discussing body image and body confidence. It was such a positive process and actually invaluable in this modern world of social media, for any teenager who is concerned about changes in their body, finding the right look and feel of lingerie. I can’t recommend Monica and her consultation for teens highly enough. Thank you so much”

Mum of 15 year old Teenage Client

“Just a little note to thank you for your excellent online bra consultation last week. I found it to be so useful and informative and was very impressed with how, in our initial conversation, you were able to immediately identify my needs and then recommend specific bras to order in advance of our arranged date to link up. These included makes that I had never even heard of.Trying them all on for you and getting your expert feed-back taught me what to look for in terms of a good, comfortable fit, the shape and construction of the cup etc. and you made me feel totally comfortable ‘baring my all!’. The whole experience was enlightening. Yours is a service that I would recommend to anyone wanting to ensure that they are wearing the right bra and are in an informed position to make the correct choices.”

Anthea Lingerie Styling Client

“I loved my appointment with Monica it was a bit like therapy shopping today”

Caroline Lingerie Styling Client
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Creating body confidence after breast cancer surgery
Over the last 30 years I’ve fitted thousands of women.  Though I work with women of all ages and stages, I’ve always found that fitting women who are post-surgery due to breast cancer is particularly rewarding.  Many women contact me for post-surgery advice and fittings, and I run a regular clinic at a London hospital where I fit with prosthetics and advise on bras and symmetry post-reconstruction.
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Look and feel fantastic with lingerie that fits, no matter what your day looks like.
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