I welcome ALL across the spectrum, whether you’re playing/experimenting with clothing and gender, embarking on a transition or simply want to feel comfortable when choosing your lingerie. I provide kind and empathetic customised styling and fit advice around lingerie options and breast prosthetics.



Before we meet, we’ll have a phone chat to discuss your lingerie needs, lifestyle, wardrobe, body shape and budget.


I’ll then research and source the most appropriate items to fit the brief


We’ll meet in person (or virtually) to try out items for fit and preference. Sessions are about an hour and are designed to introduce you to a selection of pieces that make you feel fabulous.


I’ll send you an email detailing what we learned during your fitting, links to suggested styles, including a staged transition plan (where applicable) and any purchased pieces.

There is no obligation to buy any of the suggested pieces.

For more information or to book a LGBQT session, please contact me here.


Look and feel fantastic with lingerie that fits, no matter what your day looks like.
Thank you for making contact, I’ll get back to you soon
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