Bride-worthy lingerie (and the number one bridal underwear secret!)

So, your wedding is coming up (congratulations!) and you’re thinking about lingerie. Having correctly fitting lingerie can really make a difference to your body confidence and how you feel throughout your special day.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect lingerie to underpin your wedding dress, lingerie for your bridal party or a few pieces to take you through the wedding celebrations, you can pick up some tips from me right now.

Ready? Here goes:

Choose your outfit before you choose your lingerie

When you choose your outfit, think about your bust size and shape. What’s the best style to enhance your shape and ensure you feel body confident on your special day? Don’t feel restricted on your choice of style as there are many lingerie options available which work with different shapes.

Are you wearing white?

If you’re wearing white, I suggest you opt for nude -coloured lingerie to ensure you don’t see it underneath your dress.

Are you wearing a strapless dress?

If you’re going to be wearing a strapless dress, and your dress doesn’t have a bra or corset already sewn in, a strapless bra can sometimes be sewn into the dress.

If you are wearing a strapless bra, and don’t have it sewn in, make sure you pick a bra in your exact size or pick one a size smaller on the band with a larger cup size. Otherwise, you may end up with your bra around your waist!

The number one bridal underwear secret

Many brides dream of the special lingerie they’ll wear under their dress. However, in reality, you may need something a little more solution-focused. With seam-free shapewear providing shape and a smooth silhouette, it’s a natural choice.

When you’re buying any shapewear, always remember to buy to your size and not a size smaller. This will ensure you are comfortable, and that you won’t bulge elsewhere.

You can choose to save the fancy lingerie for celebrations before or after your wedding day, when you can be a bit more adventurous. Why not choose a style or colour you’ve never worn before?

Bring your lingerie to your dress fittings – every single one!

Once you have chosen the dress and picked your lingerie, you’ll want to bring this lingerie to your dress fittings, so your seamstress can work their wonders!

Brides’ weight can often fluctuate which means your breast or dress size can change. For this reason, I recommend that you take your lingerie with you to every dress fitting.

Don’t forget your bridal party

Remember that you may be asking members of your bridal party to wear a style, colour or shape which they would not usually choose for themselves. Having the correct fitting lingerie can really make a difference to their body confidence and how they feel throughout the day. Why not make a day of coming for a fitting with all your bridal party and let the celebrations begin! You can read more about my personal lingerie styling services here.

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