Does your bra fit you properly?

Research has shown that 80% of women either wear the incorrect size or shape when it comes to their bra. Are you sure that you’re wearing a bra which fits you correctly? Or, are you thinking,” I don’t know” because you don’t wear one! Either way, read on, and you’ll learn why wear a bra and how to know if your bra fits.

Why do I need to wear a bra?

You may be surprised to hear that there is no muscle in your breasts. Because of this, your breasts move up and down and from side to side. While support in the form of a bra does not stop your breasts moving, or stop loss of fullness, over time wearing a bra will help through less movement and more all-round comfort.

So, given that I recommend wearing a bra, it’s important that your bra fits perfectly.

Bra shopping – worth the time!

Shopping for a bra can be as frustrating or exciting as shopping for shoes and jeans. We all want to find that perfect pair of jeans which make our legs, bottom and waist look great. We all want to find that super pair of shoes which fit like a glove and are comfortable, but that’s not always easy. Bra shopping is the same. It might take time and expert help to find the right bra for you, but it will make a huge difference from that point onwards.

How do I know if my bra fits?

Have a quick read through this checklist …


This offers 80% of the support you get from your bra. It therefore needs to feel secure but not so tight that you can’t breathe. Make sure it’s sitting in a straight line around your body.

Top tip: When you put on a new bra, fit it on the loosest hook & eye closure. Why? As it stretches over time, from washing and wearing, you can then tighten it and get more wear from it.

Centre Front

This is the area between the cups of your bra. Is the centre front of your under-wired bra flat against your chest wall? If you’re wearing a non-wired bra with a deep centre front then you may find it sits away slightly from your body, but it shouldn’t be sticking too far out.


Your breasts should be fully contained in the cups. They should not be bulging over the top, or the sides, of the cup. If they are, your bra doesn’t fit properly. If you’re looking for a cleavage-tastic look, check out my style blog to read how you can achieve it.


Strap position and tightness is very personal. Some people like a tighter strap; others a looser one. If you’d like to be comfortable, tighten your straps then place two fingers under your strap as it rests on your shoulder. If you can raise your strap more than two centimetres it may slip down your shoulders which will be uncomfortable and irritating.

Is your bra fitting you properly? If you’re struggling to find a perfect fit, contact me using the contact form below and arrange a personal lingerie styling session.

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