Is your bra shape right for your breasts?

All breasts are different, so it’s important to think about finding a bra to suit your shape as well as your size. Your bra can ensure a beautiful silhouette, as well as enabling you to create different looks depending on how you are feeling, and what you are doing, on any particular day.

Here are some bra options for you to consider:

Full cup

Offering complete coverage to the breast, full cup bras are available in under -wired and non-wired versions. If you have lost some of the fullness at the top of your breasts you may find on this style of bra you will not fill the top of the bra cups.

Half cup

This bra has less cup coverage than a full cup style but may have padding on the lower part of the cups. This pushes your breasts upwards and creates fullness on the top of the breast to give a rejuvenated look to your bust. This may be the look you want if you’re wearing a low-cut top or dress.

Plunge bra

This bra pushes your breasts closer together, offers cleavage and creates fullness at the centre front of your breasts. These bras are ideal if you feel you have lost some of the fullness in your breasts and are perfect for low cut and V necklines.


These bras have less cup coverage than a full cup style so suit most breast shapes. I tend to recommend these bras if you’ve lost some fullness at the top of your breasts, as they offer fantastic uplift. This shape suits most breast shapes.

Non-padded seamless bras

Non-padded seamless bras give a natural shape to your breasts and can create a minimising look.

Moulded or T-shirt bras

Usually padded, moulded or T-shirt bras mould to the natural shape of your breast and create a seamless look which is perfect under T-shirts. With moulded foam cups creating the breast shape, the seamless bra is perfect for tight or thin clothing. If wearing under a white T-Shirt always opt for a nude bra as it will be invisible.

Side support

Bras which offer additional support to the side of the breasts are usually non-padded and have seams at the side of the bra cups, and maybe a sling effect on the inside. The side support pushes the breast forward creating more projection and eliminating that “East West” look where your breasts are pushed outwards.


Non-wired bras come in different shapes. They create a more natural shape and often have a deeper band to give more support as they don’t have a wire.

With wireless bras, the structure of the cup provides additional support. Some women find wireless bras more comfortable, especially if you have not worn a bra for some time it’s a great way to get you back to wearing bras. The bralette is a popular shape now with many brands doing bralettes in fashionable colours from lace to smooth cups.


Multiway bras are a smart addition to your wardrobe, as removable straps mean you have the option to customise your bra to suit a particular outfit. Multiway bras can be worn as a regular shape, halter neck, strapless or cross over at the back.

Would you like help finding the right bra?

With so many shapes to choose from, it can feel like finding the correct size and shape for your bra is a daunting task. It’s no wonder that so many women wear bras which are uncomfortable and don’t compliment their shape. If you’d like some help finding the right bra size and shape for you, now you can learn more about my personal lingerie styling sessions.

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